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Q:1 What is IJPAR?
Ans: International Journal of Pharmacy and Analytical Research (IJPAR) is provide platform for Researcher's Research Scholars, Students, Academicians, Industrialists, Physicians, Physiotherapists, Nurses and other allied Medical Sciences to share their research work and can exchange their scientific views.

All articles published in the journal will be freely available to scientific researchers to all over the globe. We will be making sincere efforts to promote our journal across the world in various ways. It is hoped that this journal will act as a common platform for researchers to pursue their objectives.

Q:2 How do submit manuscripts for publication in IJPAR Journal?
Ans: Anybody can submit their manuscripts directly  to  ijparjournal@gmail.com as attached file in the E-mail.

Q:3 How long does it take for paper review process?
Ans: As IJPAR journal having Eminent Editorials board members and reviewers from throughout the world who belongs to different research areas, IJPAR review process takes only 5 to 10 days.

Q:4 How long does it take for publication after acceptance of an article?
Ans: It takes 10 days from the date of payment from author.

Q:5 How much time it takes for review process?
Ans: IJPAR Journals takes 8-10 days for peer review process of any paper

Q:6 What is the fees of submitting articles in IJPAR's Journals?
Ans: There is no any charge of submission of article in IJPAR's Journals. If article is accepted than author have to pay fees, please go to link: http://www.ijpar.com/payment-options

Q:7 How to do payment of publication fees?
Ans: There are following different ways to deposit fees:

  1. Directly deposit amount in nearby bank.(Account number give in acceptance letter)
  2. From  transferring fees through their net banking option.

For further details feel free to mail us at ijparjournal@gmail.com

Q:8 How to do payment of publication fees for outside India?
Ans: please go to link for details: http://www.ijpar.com/payment-options


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